Redzone Recognition Event

About 15 months ago, Georgia Nut implemented and welcomed Redzone technology into the facility.

You may be asking yourself, what is Redzone and what is it about?

A little bit of background for you, Redzone is a digital production system that was purpose-built for frontline workers in manufacturing markets. This production system empowers workers to take a systematic approach to improving operations.

Now, fast forward to most recently as Georgia Nut hosted a very successful event featuring 50 Redzone visitors from over 20 different companies. The purpose of the event was to give an opportunity to other Food Manufacturing Companies to promote Redzone throughout the industry for new and existing customers.

The fantastic Georgia Nut team hosted different stations for Redzone visitors to tour across the manufacturing facility. The tour consisted of a team huddle, a review of paperless compliance checks, a communication analysis, a reporting on downtime and actions, and finally an overview of tableau reporting.  

The Georgia Nut Team has been nominated for Team of the Year, and Productivity with less than 70% uplift. With over 800 companies in the Redzone community, to be nominated for any Redzone award is an accomplishment in itself. Way to go Georgia Nut community and team!