Enrobed Confections

A smooth waterfall of melted coating delicately descending on a delicious product of your choosing. Come discover the tasty treats that are offered in enrobed confections.  


  • Many exciting choices for enrobing centers such as pretzels, nuts, graham cracker pieces and a great deal more
  • Options for applying a variety of chocolates, yogurt and compound coatings
  • Nostalgic classics and favorites such as yogurt pretzels and chocolate double dipped peanuts or dive into innovation to produce unique products
Some sweets.


  • Five enrobing lines with cluster capability
  • Drizzle and topical inclusion applications
  • Ability to adjust the amount of coating for your product either higher or lower

Product Claims

Come discover these available offerings

No Artificial Flavors/Colors

Reduced Sugar / No Sugar Added



RSPO for Compound Coatings

Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO)

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