Malt Balls

Chocolate malt balls are one of the most popular items at Georgia Nut. With the ability to make our own malt ball centers in house we are on the forefront to service your expanded candy needs.

Malt Ball Centers:

  • Large, mini and egg shaped malt ball centers
  • Ability to add sweetness like yogurt or fruit powders
  • Customize your center by adding protein or fiber
Panned nuts.
Chocolate balls.

Malt Balls:

  • Choices including milk, compound or reduced sugar coatings
  • Double coat your center with a delectable combination of milk chocolate and peanut butter
  • Sugar shell the outer layer and add some speckles for a popular seasonal delight

Product Claims

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No Artificial Flavors/Colors

Reduced Sugar / No Sugar Added



RSPO for Compound Coatings

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