Roasting and Hot Panning

In 1945, Rose Musso put Georgia Nut on the map by roasting premium nuts. Since then, oil-roasting & hot panning nuts continues to be a staple in our ever-growing product line. From classic products to unique offerings, let us assist you with your favorite sweet & salty treats.

Nut Roasting:

  • Four DVU certified batch roasters
  • Roasting abilities with a variety of different oils
  • Sweet and savory seasoning applications
  • Options for delicious batter coated nuts
Nuts in cup.
Nuts in cups.

Hot Panning:

  • Direct fire hot pans
  • Traditional sugar-coating caramelized methods to build decadent flavors
  • Low sugar-coating options to add sweetness and to hold flavor and spice blends

Product Claims

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No Artificial Flavors/Colors

Reduced Sugar / No Sugar Added



RSPO for Compound Coatings

Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO)

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