Wholesale Confections

Wholesale confections has been a long-lasting commitment and focus here at the Georgia Nut Company.

Cup with choco-panned nuts.

Wholesale Confections

Our diversified manufacturing capabilities and many product offerings allows us to offer our customers a full line of confectionery products. We employ a combination of state-of-the-art equipment along with old-fashioned small batch methods. With over 100 stock confections for purchase, our promise is to deliver consistently high-quality products that you and your customers can count on.

Partnership & Excellence

We offer many benefits to our customers as we believe in genuine partnerships. With a focus on a customer centric approach, driving operational excellence, and quality focus, our commitment is to deliver a great experience. We provide our customers with a transparent, collaborative approach so whether your business is bulk distribution or re-packing, we are here to support your growth!

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Confections & Nuts since 1945


Have manufactured confections and snacks for over 70 years

Depth of Product Line

Over 100 stock confections and snacks for purchase

Special Requests

We welcome all requests for new development/innovation

Family Owned and Managed

Four generations of commitment to deliver the best product in the industry

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