Almond Butter

Introducing Georgia Nut’s newest Almond Butter innovation line. In 2020, Whole Foods Market released a list of top 10 food trends and move over Peanut Butter as the nut and seed butter have sprung into market. This Almond Butter trend has hit the scenes and helped consumers see that there is a world beyond the familiar (and beloved) peanut butter. Consumer taste test favorite, the Almond Butter Gem has a perfect combination of sweetness and nut flavored notes, this gem has a softer texture that’s perfectly pop-able for a candy-coated treat or add this delightful gem to a mix. This exclusive Almond Butter Gem is even more unique as it has a no artificial flavor or color brown sugar shell exterior. Also, check out our expansive line including Almond Butter Almonds, Pretzel Balls, and Cranberries!