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At Georgia Nut we believe in a customer centric approach, operational excellence with a continued focus on quality.

Quality Candies & Nuts Since 1945

Georgia Nut was founded by Rose Musso in 1945 and started off as a small shelling and roasting operation. In the 1980’s Georgia Nut added confectionary capabilities to offer a bit more to an already loyal customer base. Then in the 1990’s we continued adding capabilities and began expanding into new markets such as ingredients and co-manufacturing. Around 2010 innovation really started to rapidly grow and that spurred significant capacity investments.

Georgia Nut Today

Today Georgia Nut remains a family owned and operated business by the Drehobl and Musso families. Our commitment to excellence is our key to success and superior service are the reasons we continue to grow. Manufacturing quality confections is what we do well and we focus on helping our customers to develop.

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Mission Statement

As a family-owned food manufacturer, we will add value to our employees, customers and vendors with continuous operating improvements and growth in sustainable profitability.


Meet Our Management Team

Rick Drehobl
John Drehobl
Director of human resources
Briana Lasco
Steve Chmura
Jack Arends
director of purchasing
Tony Musso
director of engineering
Mike Drehobl
Director of Innovation
Richard Hauber

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Our Heritage

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A Word From Our Team

Cathi Zelisko

Our Georgia Nut founder, my Grandma Rose, instilled a legacy of focus around the quality of our products as well as building wonderful and positive relationships with our customers. These beliefs have been carried down through the generations of Georgia Nut and I believe this is the reason we have been in business for over 75 years!

Kim Ruzkowski

GNC does not sell a name brand. GNC sells capability, capacity and commitment.

Tami Lasco

Stay positive, work hard, and make it happen. I think making it 75 years means we've done just that!

Rick Drehobl

As a 4th generation family owned business we are very proud of our 75 year heritage of commitment to our customers, associates, and trade partners.

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