• Welcome to Confectioner’s Corner

Welcome to Confectioner’s Corner

Hello Everyone!  Welcome to Confectioner’s Corner, our FIRST corporate blog dedicated to Georgia Nut Company News and Innovation.  The mission of our blog is a simple one:  To educate both existing and potential customers on how Georgia Nut Company can add value to their organization!  We will provide customers with behind-the-scenes access to some of the newest developments at Georgia Nut Company, including:

New Products – When we develop a product that we think is a real showstopper, we want to share it with our current and potential customers.  Blog posts under this category will let you know how the product was conceived/produced, and how you can incorporate it into your product line.

Inside GNC – At Georgia Nut Company, we are constantly looking for ways to improve.  In these blog posts, we will share with you newer developments such as when we add new equipment, or bolster our broad portfolio with a new capability.  Don’t worry, we will also explain how this adds value to your business.

Seasonal Promotions – We celebrate food year-round at Georgia Nut Company.  That is why we will continually highlight seasonal offerings all year long.  Allowing you to take advantage of not only 4th of July promotions, but also promotions during some of the more absurd food holidays. (i.e. National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day).


Our goal is to connect with people who work in the food industry, and get them excited about working with GNC!  Maybe you will see a new product that could work in your line of nutritional snacks, or perhaps you see a seasonal item that you want to do a twist on.  Let us share our knowledge to make your product launch a success!  We will write about other topics and trends as time goes by, but why share everything all at once.  If you can’t wait, and want to know more about our products & services, have a new idea for a blog segment, or anything else that is on your mind, leave us a comment or send us an email through our Contact Us Page.

Confectioner's Corner Participation Guidelines

We want Confectioner’s Corner to be an open forum for customers to enjoy learning about Georgia Nut Company’s newest products, ask questions, and post opinions on the latest trends in the market.  However, that cannot be achieved without some common ground rules.  When posting comments please observe our site’s participation guidelines.  It will make the experience more enjoyable for all visitors.

  1. Be respectful of our authors and other visitors.
  2. Keep comments or questions concise.
  3. DO NOT use offensive language.  Any comments containing vulgarity will be deleted.
  4. Please DO NOT post any personal or confidential information.  If you would like someone from our Sales Division to contact you please send us an email via our Contact Us page.
*All comments are pre-moderated to check that they comply with Confectioner’s Corner participation guidelines above. If comments do not comply, they will not be published.  Before submitting a comment/question please ask yourself if your post is on topic, and if it adds value to the discussion.  If so we will try to address your comments or inquiries as soon as possible.

Enjoy exploring our blog, and as always: Happy Snacking!