Rick Drehobl – President & CEO

Rick Drehobl brings over 30 years of experience in the industry to Georgia Nut Company, providing the business with extensive expertise from his Senior Management Positions in areas including management, sales, and purchasing functions. As a result, Rick has been able to serve as President Georgia Nut Company with valuable insights regarding innovation and improvement of products, processes, and customer satisfaction.

Rick is a long-standing member of the Candy Production Club of Chicago and has held prestigious positions on the board of directors of the highly respected Peanut and Tree Nut Processors Association as well as the National Confectioners Association. This dedication to proactively promote both industries has exposed Rick to ongoing education as well as technical research and regulation that has elevated Georgia Nut Company to the renowned level that it is regarded for today.

Additionally, Rick was a 2011 nominee for the highly-regarded Kettle Award, a recognition that is among the highest that an individual working in the confectionary industry can attain. This honor demonstrates not only Rick’s devotion to Georgia Nut Company, but also the industry at large for the benefit of consumers and other manufacturers alike.

Rick’s extensive presence in the confectionary industry after graduating from St. Norbert College stands as a testament to the expertise and development of Georgia Nut Company throughout its over 30 years of operation. With innovation and improvement always at the forefront, Rick’s experience continues to benefit Georgia Nut as the company continues to evolve.