GNC Retains Certification as SQF Level 2 Confectioner

GNC Retains Certification as SQF Level 2 Confectioner

At Georgia Nut Company, quality and food safety separate us from the competition!  That is why we are proud to announce that we have once again retained our SQF Level 2 Certification.  The SQF Level 2 Confectioner certification is a benchmarking tool that is widely accepted by some of the largest retail organizations around the globe.  Food safety certifications are vital when it comes to assuring our customers that our products, processes, and procedures meet both national and international standards.  If you would like to view our SQF Certification, please click on the following link: GNC – SQF Certificate.

Patrick O'Shea - Newly Promoted Director of Quality and Technical Services

Patrick O’Shea – Newly Promoted Director of Quality and Technical Services

In addition to retaining our SQF Level 2 Confectioner certification, we are also excited to announce the promotion of Patrick O’Shea as the newly tapped Director of Quality and Technical Services.  Patrick will be managing initiatives that improve upon our already robust quality and food safety systems.

“Our pledge to produce the safest foods is evident in the commitment our entire organization has to the Level 2 certification which is HACCP and food safety based.  This continuous improvement program has allowed us to raise the bar year over year with the changes to the SQF code.  This certification is not only important to us as an organization, but also to our customers who share the same passion and drive to ensure their products are made with food safety as the pinnacle of all other processes.  In my expanded role we will continue with the groundwork that has been set forth and continue to ensure that our customers not only get the quality out of what is manufactured, but can be sure the food safety and regulations of the industry stand at the forefront of what we do.” – Patrick O’Shea

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