Packaging Lines

We judge a book by it’s cover! Everyone does it, and the same goes with food. Today, consumers not only want a product that tastes great, but differentiated product packaging that speaks to their personality. We agree with that statement, which is why Georgia Nut Company has a wide array of packaging capabilities to not only fit your brand, but also your budget. Georgia Nut Company recently developed a packaging center to house all packaging machines and capabilities to provide a more efficient process and safe atmosphere.

Below you will find all of the packaging capabilities available to you and your customers at Georgia Nut Company. If you would like a customer quote, contact us to schedule your Concept Consultation Today!

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Flexible Packaging

Our flexible packaging capabilities begins with 5 Vertical Form/Fill/Seal Baggers.  These lines can form pillow bags anywhere from 3’’ to 16’’ in length, and 2’’ to 11’’ wide.  All of our lines have hole-punch, tear tab, and nitrogen flushing capabilities.  We also employ several automated cartoners, bag counters, check weighers, and a bag-in-a-box line for smaller pouches.  This packaging is primarily used for pegged bag programs and single-serving portions.

In addition to our Pillow Baggers, we also utilize 3 Stand-Up Pouch Lines.  These lines produce gusseted pouches anywhere from 5’’ to 13’’ in length, and 4’’ to 8.5’’ in width.   Additionally, our gusset capabilities range from 0” to 3.5”.   Similar to our Pillow Baggers, all of our Stand-Up Pouch Lines have hole-punch, zipper, and nitrogen flushing capabilities.  Stand-Up Pouches are perfect for bulk product, party-sizes, and the foodservice industry.

Pillow Bag Graphic
Pouch Graphic

Bulk Packaging

Bulk packaged product is most popular with either distributors of our product, or customer that we work with on ingredients for their finished goods.  We have both automated and conventional bulk packing capabilities that allow us to pack cases that weight anywhere from 4lbs. to 50lbs.  We can line cases with several types of liners, as well as nitrogren flush product to extend shelf-life.

For larger food manufacturers, we also can provide totes and nylon super sacks.  These can hold up to 2,000lbs. of product for additional cost-savings on packaging and freight.

Cases on Pallet  
Super Sack

Hand-Packing & Assembly

Tubs, Jars, and Clamshells are some of the most common types of packaging we work on for customers.  These are very popular with grocery stores, as well as providers of high-end gift baskets.   We have worked with a wide array of sizes, and there are several options we offer when it comes to labeling.

Round Tin-Jar Packaging
Square Tin-Jar Packaging