Organic Certified

Organic Certified

Georgia Nut Company is excited to announce our organic certification of our facilities by Oregon Tilth. The certification covers all capabilities including chocolate panning, enrobing, sugar shelling, and hot panning.

What does organic certified mean?

As a certified organic processor, that means we:

  • Use organic ingredients: Ingredients must either be certified organic or must comply with a pre-approved list of non-organic ingredients that cannot be produced organically. Organic ingredients cannot be produced using genetic engineering, sewage sludge, or ionizing radiation. Meaning also all organic ingredients are inherently non-GMO.
  • Prevent comingling and contact between organic and non-organic items: Ensuring that organic and non-organic ingredients and substances don’t mix in processing or storage. Also, making sure that the processing and manufacturing equipment are cleaned and sanitized when shifting from non-organic to organic products.
  • Pest management: As an SQF Level 2 facility, we currently have HACCP and pest management protocols in place. The goal of the organic pest management strategy of “PAMS” (prevention, avoidance, monitoring and suppression) is to be wary and proactive to prevent pest issues before resorting to approved synthetic substances to eliminate pests. Therefore, we would ensure we are using approved synthetic substances.(United States Department of Agriculture, 2015)

How will organic certified product provide value?

Audited and Certified – Being audited and certified, puts us a step above the pack requiring us to fulfill food safety requirements and standards. Your customers will appreciate the high level of standards and certification.

 Healthy Positioning – Organic is on trend with foods that are deemed health free from pesticides and genetic engineering. As customers seek cleaner labels and better for you products, organic certification will allow your product to stand out among the rest.

On Trend – Organic is a certification that customers seek out. When customers choose to indulge in confections, they want the option of a good for you indulgence that has quality ingredients. Organic ingredients are inherently Non-GMO which is also a preferred call out.

GNC at the ready

Georgia Nut Company is ready to produce your custom organic product. Our approved list of vendors can supply organic ingredients, and our R&D team is prepared to convert an item into organic. Contact your sales representatives for more information and any questions.

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