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Are you interested in beginning a career with Georgia Nut Company?  We have several positions that may be a perfect match for your education and experience.  Positions are available at both our Skokie, IL and Niles, IL facilities.  Below is a list of particular positions that we are currently seeking to fill. If you are interested in a career at Georgia Nut Company, please fill out an application form.

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Questions can be sent to our HR Recruiting Coordinator. If you are unable to email us, you can call us at 847-324-3600 or fax us at 847-674-1173.

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Machine Operator

Job Description

  1. Reports food safety and quality problems to personnel with the authority to initiate action.
  2. Employee will follow allergen procedures as required
  3. Employee will document weight control, metal detector checks, all changeover steps.
  4. Employee will follow all formulas, customer specifications as described in the work order
  5. Employee will always run retain if needed
  6. Employee will pull COA’s as required
  7. Employee must perform sanitation steps as trained
  8. Employee must document all production, quality, safety and sanitation reports accurately and clearly as required
  9. Employee must in their department as required and ready to work at required times
  10. Employee will clock into proper departments as required
  11. Employee will train other employees as needed
  12. Employee will present any ideas to their supervisor or department lead
  13. Employee will work together as a team
  14. Comply to all GNC policies and procedures
  15. Employee will work to improve efficiency, safety and quality
  16. Take active role in safety, promote and encourage safety practices
  17. Provide feedback to upper management for continuous improvement
  18. Provide support to other departments to achieve GNC directives
  19. Maintain GMP’s within all areas of responsibility
  20. Employee will work with management on any investigation and provide any facts to help with investigation
  21. Adhere to all GNC safety policies and procedures
  22. Provide HR all required documents
  23. Have knowledge and perform operation of all equipment
  24. Follow all production policies, procedures and guidelines
  25. Adhere to processing procedures
  26. Adhere to material usages and provide feedback on any investigation

Required Skills

  1. High School Diploma
  2. Some basic computer skills.
  3. Basic math skills: such as telling time, addition/subtraction/multiplication/division of whole numbers and fractions.
  4. Basic reading skills: such as reading labels, formulas, directions/instructions and completing basic forms.
  5. The ability to communicate effectively in English.
  6. GMP’s Training
  7. Allergen Training
  8. GNC Sanitation Training
  9. All GNC Safety Training Required
  10. ALL GNC Production as Required
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Production Supervisor


 Supervisor is responsible for directing all day to day shift activities within his/her departments. Shift supervisor needs to manage Continuous Improvement projects, R&D new product developments, CAPA (corrective action and preventive action), new hire development, associate accountability, associate performance reviews, audit documentation within batch order requirements, policies and procedures adherence, accident reports, operations efficiencies, and manage associates labor hours. Department includes multi-cultural non-union associates operating in a 24/7 operation .  Coordinates  the  production of goods within their area of the plant. Ensures machines are properly repaired and running efficiently to standard and maintains focused motivated  work force.


  • Identify associate and food safety concerns and initiate internal
  • Coach and mentor dept leads to become supervisors
  • Accident and incident reporting investigation
  • Identify quality issues and initiate external CAPA
  • Create weekly staffing requirements based on planning
  • Communicate any updates to dept leads on a daily basis o Schedule Changes
    • Manager Updates
    • Focus Inefficiencies
  • Identify Continuous Improvement
  • Process improvements
  • Standardize
    • Equipment
    • Man
  • Policies and Procedures adherence
  • Associate Accountability
    • Disciplinary action
  • R&D new product development o Engagement in trail runs
    • Validate Routes
    • Validate Formulas
  • QA
    • Audit ready facility for external customers
  • Payroll
    • Attendance Points.
    • Approving
    • Transferring to the right department.
  • Keep an accurate department inventory o Monthly  Inventories
  • Provide proper documentation and validate employee work documents
    • Audit associates documentation and execution on a daily basis
      • Metal Detection
      • Weight Checks
      • Production reporting
      • Material consumption
      • RAF
    • Audit all CCP documentation  on  a daily basis
  • New hire development
    • Weekly follow up
    • Cross Training
    • Effectiveness
  • Provide to HR all required documents
    • Payroll Notice
    • Progressive disciplinary documentation
    • New associate Training
    • Seven Day Work Week Policy
    • PTO (pay time off) Form
  • Closing Batch Orders and investigating any pending issues
    • As completed
    • ECR’s
    • Internal CAPA
    • Review batch order documentation
      • Formula
      • Specs
      • Production Summary Report
      • Pre-Op (pre inspection form)
      • IPIS / Quality Checks
  • Shift Change
    • Oversee every work center and support dept lead with major issues.
  • Provide support to other depart m ents to achieve GNC priorities
  • Ownership of all GMP’s within all areas of responsibility
  • Operating Efficiencies
    •  KPl’s
      • Daily
      • Weekly
      • Monthly
      • YTD
    • Root Cause
    • Major Mechanic downtime
  • Reviews
    • New Hire
    • 6 Month
    • Yearly
    • Annual


  • 2 year associates degree or 3-5 years’ experience in manufacturing environment
  • Coach/Train Associates
  • Active member within Safety Committee
  • Active role within GNC Continuous Improvement
  • Delegate Responsibilities
  • Detail Oriented and results driven
  • High level of communication
  • Associate Accountability
  • Measure Efficiency
  • Above average computer skills
  • Audit Documentation
  • Facilitate Meetings
  • Multitasking