Contract Manufacturing

Choosing a manufacturing partner to develop, produce and commercialize your company’s product is a critical step in delivering success to your business. Whether it is co-development that leverages the innovation of our Research and Development team, custom packaging of your current product, or blending and bagging your snack mix, Georgia Nut Company has the tools to support your needs.

Contract manufacturing has been a core equity of Georgia Nut Company for over 30 years.  Our team of R&D Scientists and Engineers are seasoned professionals at co-development of new confections for companies both big and small.  We are one of the most vertically-integrated manufacturers of confections, which allows us to save you both time and money.  Let us know the product you are trying to develop, how you want it packed and we will take care of the rest.  Manufacturing innovative confections and snacks is what we do best.

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Vertical Integration

Georgia Nut Company is one of the most vertically integrated manufacturers of confections and snacks in the industry.  As your partner, we can work with you from concept creation all the way through scale-up, trials and production launch.  Below are some examples of the value vertical integration brings to you, our partner.

  • In-house Drop-Rollers allow us to form chocolate lentils prior to sugar panning and packaging.
  • Batch Roasters allow us to roast nuts before blending, enrobing, chocolate panning, applying savory coatings, praline or hot panning

All of these services and more are available under one roof.  This allows you to consolidate your sourcing efforts and work with a partner that can deliver quality product consistently at an affordable rate.

Depth of Product Line and Packaging

With a wide array of products and packaging styles to choose from, Georgia Nut Company is the perfect partner for your contract manufacturing needs.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Sugar Panned Confections
  • Enrobing
  • Chocolate and Yogurt Panning
  • Roasted & Seasoned Nuts
  • Malt Ball Centers/Expanded Candy
  • Savage Cooking and Hot Panning
  • Infusing Products with Nutritional/Functional Attributes
  • High Speed VFFS & Standup Pouch Packaging Using Roll Stock
  • And More…

No In-House Competition

Making sure your product gets delivered in a timely manner is hard enough in today’s competitive environment.   So why partner with a Contract Manufacturer that carries their own competing or private-label brand?  At Georgia Nut Company we believe not having an internal brand makes us a more valuable partner.  This eliminates any possible conflict of interest and allows us to focus all of our attention on bringing your brand to the next level.

Your brand should not have to take a backseat to anyone!

Kickstart Your Work with Georgia Nut Company!
  • Packaging
  • Sugar Panning
  • Chocolate Panning
  • Enrobing
  • Expanded Candy
  • Roasting & Kettle Cooking